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Dr. Lewis specializes in difficult & chronic cases. Dr. Lewis did his undergraduate studies in physics. Physics is an engineering science that deals with structures and gravity. Dr. Lewis works with the whole body to find the true cause of the problem and relieves the pain symptoms. Dr. Lewis has the skinny up doctors choice for HCG weight loss.

Licenses / Credentials:

• Licensed In Texas
• Licensed In Louisiana
• Member of the Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA)
• Member of the National Chiropractic Association (NCA)
• Member of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA)

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Services Offered:

  • Chiropractic Treatments
  • Wellness Services
  • Pain Relief
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
Our Natural Approach to Health as A Corpus Christi Chiropractor

Each year many Americans seek chiropractic care for a reliable, safe and holistic method for alleviating back, neck and shoulder pain. They also turn to a chiropractor’s care to relieve pain in extremities, fatigue and general poor health. Marked long term benefits can be realized and as your Corpus Christi Chiropractor we believe in dealing with the real problems rather than merely treating or hiding the symptoms.

We do not perform surgery or prescribe drugs but stress the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and I may prescribe dietary supplements. We might suggest some spine exercises as well as some other strengthening moves for you to do. These exercises will augment your chiropractic therapy between appointments here, at your chiropractic center. Our goal as your Chiropractor is to restore your entire body to optimal health.

Our Approach is Hands On as Your Chiropractor

A misconception by many people is that a chiropractic doctor is only for providing neck pain relief or back pain relief. Not only does chiropractic therapy provide back pain treatment but includes treatment of the entire body. We take a hands-on approach to your health by adjusting the imbalances in the skeletal system, particularly the spine. Chiropractic care is a noninvasive discipline that sees the body as a system of parts that work together in balance.

Nerve impulses can be disrupted causing a number of symptoms due to misalignment in one or more of the spinal vertebrae. These symptoms may include sensations of pain, numbness and tingling. Fatigue, allergy or sinus symptoms may also be added to the list. A chiropractic center is where you might come to find shoulder pain relief and hip pain relief and will be surprised to discover that with chiropractic care you are pain free.

We will adjust your spine and skeletal system to correct its positioning through regular treatments. Healing and proper function of the nervous system will be restored by returning the vertebrae to their correct placement. Our goal as your Chiropractor is to realign the spinal column, affecting the body as a whole, thereby restoring you back to complete health. We plan to attain this goal without the use of drugs or surgery.

We Can Meet Your Needs at any Age as Your Chiropractor

Our education and training allows me to treat patients from infancy to the elderly. Misalignment of the spine can occur in any point of life. This can even happen at birth because of pressure in the birth canal. Falls are a common occurrence as soon children begin to walk. A young body is subjected to a lot of jolting experiences especially in their early development. These experiences can cause some physical problems when they reach adulthood. Children can benefit from a visit to the family chiropractor at a young age.

As an adult or senior citizen, you can benefit from chiropractic care as well. Retain your mobility as you mature by visiting your Corpus Christi chiropractor. We’ll help you by easing joint or back pain caused by natural degenerative changes or arthritis. Gravity alone is a cause of misalignment of the spine as we age. A number of problems such as hip pain, arm pain and shoulder pain are evidence of this.

Working closely with your Corpus Christi Chiropractor, we will aim to reach our target. This goal includes your ability to keep up a healthy and active life. There is also speculation about prescription drugs and surgeries. As your Corpus Christi Chiropractor we can offer you holistic methods to heal and be in good health.

Let us Help You Find Relief from Allergies and Sinus Conditions as Your Corpus Christi Chiropractor

Most people that live with allergies, sinus pain, headaches and recurring infections seek conventional treatments with over the counter or prescription drugs. Results with these treatments are minimally successful. Drowsiness, anxiety, and palpitations are just a few of the common adverse side effects that may occur with these medications. If this sounds like you, you may want to talk with this Corpus Christi Chiropractor since we may be able to offer you another solution.

We can facilitate your healing as a professional Corpus Christi Chiropractor. With chiropractic care, pain caused by spinal misalignment will be relieved, as will allergies and sinus congestion. It may be hard to believe that chiropractic adjustments will also assist in the relief of sinus and allergy related ailments. For over a century people with these illnesses have been finding relief through chiropractic care.

Through the correction of spinal misalignment, as your Corpus Christi Chiropractor we can alleviate the symptoms. The immune system can begin to heal and work properly with regular chiropractic care. Allergies and sinus problems often need chiropractic care to relieve the signs and symptoms. If allergies or sinus ailments are troubling you, consider coming in to your family chiropractic office for a visit.

We Believe in the Prevention of Disease as Your Corpus Christi Chiropractor

It is our job as your Corpus Christi Chiropractor to help you prevent health problems from occurring in your future. We will help you to recognize the areas where you are experiencing breakdown in your body. For example, if your job requires heavy lifting we can discuss the proper body mechanics to ease the strain on the back muscles and spinal column. Injuries from sports are common. Runners look for leg pain relief and arm pain relief.

Lower back exercises will strengthen your back and we may advise you to do them. As your Corpus Christi Chiropractor we know that diet, sleep, environment, exercise level and heredity affect your health. We will be recommending some positive changes in your lifestyle to benefit you in those areas. We are your Corpus Christi pain relief specialist and take pride in serving you.


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"In 1971 I went on a scientific expedition for the U.S. Weather Bureau and I hurt my lower back at the South Pole, Antarctica, Operation Deep Freeze. Temperature reached 102 degrees below zero on July 5th. I never did anything to correct my intense pain, except take pain killers but nothing really worked until I came to see Dr. Lewis. After a few sessions the pain disappeared. It is amazing to me that I am actually living without the pain that lasted over 40 years. Thank you Dr. Lewis!"

Hilario H. - Corpus Christi, TX

"My health improved almost instantly after one visit with Dr. Lewis. For the first time in months, I was able to have a full night sleep. I used to toss and turn all through the night. Lying on my back was impossible due to the severe chronic pain. Dr. Lewis also did for my TMJ problem what my dentist was unable to accomplish in years. I recall leaving my first visit in tears (happy) and hugging Dr. Lewis. He is a true blessing in disguise."

Rebecca M. - Corpus Christi, TX

"When I walked into the office of the Corpus Christi Chiropractic and Wellness Center, I was in miserable pain from my lower back, across the shoulders and had began having headaches. I had arthritis for years. I am 86 years old and I presumed that most of the pain was just that. Then I met Dr. Lewis. After a shock talk, he took x-rays, my spine looked like a crooked stick. He proceeded with my first group of treatments. I went home feeling better. That night I had my first night of good sleep. I feel like a new person. I feel like this is me again, Thanks to Dr. Lewis and his wonderful staff!"

Mary E.